Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

The Montague Parks and Recreation Department is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life and the sense of community to the residents of the Town of Montague through the delivery of safe, healthy, diverse, accessible, quality, year-round leisure-time experiences, in addition to preserving and improving its parks and resources.

Vision Statement

We will enrich the lives of our constituents and contribute to the cultural and economic fabric of our community through the combined efforts of programs, special events, parks and facilities, and efficient administration;

PROGRAMS – we will offer creative, accessible, and well-structured programs where community members will be able to experience physical, mental, and social benefits

SPECIAL EVENTS – we will help build a sense of community with events that attract and encourage social bonding amongst citizens of various backgrounds. These events will also provide a positive revenue source for our scholarship program.

PARKS & FACILITIES – we will provide clean, accessible, and safe parks and facilities which will be a source of pride for community members

ADMINISTRATION – we will display a high level of customer service, where administration will strive for continued efficiency in various organizational duties, in addition to properly training all staff and volunteers in departmental standards and practices